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About Us

We established a network of the highest quality Educational Providers by empowering them to maintain their work while sharing with them educational resources. Ultimately, this allows them to focus on what they love...helping educators help their students.



Agencies and Schools have the ability to choose the most appropriate teachers for their professional organization.

  • Resources to quickly and efficiently find well-vested, highly qualified teachers and therapists based on individually specified areas of expertise and choice.
  • The ability to review provider’s profiles and select providers who best meet your agencies' and schools' unique needs.


Teachers and Therapists

  • Increased visibility.
  • Development, hosting, and maintenance of individual professional profile pages.
  • Maintained independence to work through other companies and get maximum support.
  • There is no upfront cost to join our network.



Professional Learning Workshops
We will provide both Administrators and Supervisors that have the experience and expertise to develop custom workshops aligned with teacher's initiatives as well as an array of standardized trainings that may be tailored to meet the educational needs of the providers


Professional Support

  • We will help therapists to develop and implement a comprehensive and individualized plan to ensure their success.
  • We have the deep content knowledge and commitment necessary to support therapists via instruction and materials that would help them to reach their professional success as well as knowledge of the common core standards.
  • We research all new rules and regulations put forward to therapists via email.
  • Our Administrators/ Supervisors will be available to answer any of the teacher’s professional question(s)
  • We will forward to therapists any needed material and resources in order to help to increase the therapists’ professional qualifications.


Our Registration Process


1. Therapist reviews minimum requirement and submits online profile form.

2. ABAPortalPro, Inc. reviews profile.

3. Once approved, therapist will be provided login access to expand his/her profile data.

4. ABAPortalPro, Inc. checks therapist’s references and interviews teacher.

5. ABAPortalPro, Inc. issues therapist agreement.

6. Therapist’s profile is published in the ABAPortalPro, Inc. database and active educational operational support begins.



Therapist’s Qualifications

  • NYS Special Education License (transitional or permanent) required from grades B-2. /LMSW
  • Minimum one year experience
  • Be an experienced presenter with excellent evaluations and references.
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills.